Duetto: ganache with strawberry & balsamic vinegar

The first taste duet we would like to present is the dark chocolate Duetto. Beneath the crunchy, dark layer lies a surprising ganache, a masterly combination of strawberry and balsamic vinegar. Fancy a taste? Visit a Leonidas store near you.

Le Café Gourmand

That delightful moment when friends come round for a friendly chat or the children drop by with entertaining stories. The Le Café Gourmand special selection is just the thing for all these wonderful times. A little box of happiness, ready to be shared. Find your Le Café Gourmand selection in a Leonidas store near you.

Gianduja box

"Those chocolates wrapped in paper are the best." Is that what you say when you open a box of Leonidas chocolates, or does someone you know? If so, we have good news for you. May we present the Gianduja box. An assortment of 24 Giandujas for guaranteed pure pleasure. A mix of Giandujas, Giantinas and Giamandas awaits you, so what are you waiting for? Visit a Leonidas store near you.

Leonidas Season