Make Christmas even better

As you walk through the streets, you can't miss it: the Christmas spirit is everywhere. That magical time of year full of surprises, love, family and friends. When giving gifts warms the heart just as much as receiving them. There’s no doubt about it: an enchanting Christmas box of chocolates still puts a smile on everyone's face. Experience the Christmas atmosphere.

The Christmas Collection

Christmas this year will be a time... of chocolate. Delicious chocolate figures, festive baubles, heavenly Christmas pralines and beautiful gifts. We have everything you need to make a real chocolate feast!

Delicious Christmas chocolates

Will you be indulging yourself this Christmas with Christmas Tea, Macaroon & Coffee, Mandarin or Speculoos praliné?

Festive baubles

These magical chocolate baubles are a real treat. There are four different flavours to enjoy.

Discover the green milk chocolate bauble with biscuit praliné, the silver milk chocolate bauble with praliné, the golden milk chocolate bauble with hazelnut paste and the red dark chocolate bauble with crème brûlée.

Gift idea: these delicious baubles look great packaged in the beautiful Christmas cottage.

Chocolate figures

Surprise your guests with a nice extra touch on the table or to take home. Our chocolate figures conjure a smile on everyone's face. The gingerbread man, a Christmas tree or Santa Claus make Christmas a true chocolate feast.